Let Cannabis Be Thy Medicine (And Legal) !!

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, then you’d already be well aware of the many health benefits of cannabis… and I’ve only touched on a very few points… there’s so much more that can be shared, and will be shared over time! Here’s some of my favourites:

- Health Benefits Of Juicing Raw Cannabis
- Medicinal Cannabis & It’s Impact On Human Health
- 9 Year Old Cures Her Leukaemia Naturally
- The Science Of Cannabis Documentary
- Marijuana Cures Epilepsy… Here’s How!
- 42 Celebrities That Support Legalisation Of Cannabis

I’ve got some more great posts lined up… although for now I would simply like to share a great teespring campaign to help raise awareness for the medicinal cannabis movement.

Let Cannabis Be Thy Medicine

Just click the above image to buy and/or share this design with your family, friends, and colleagues ;) And with my love of art & music, here’s a fitting piece for the occasion: