An Ode To Olive Oil – How Olive Oil Can Improve Your Complexion And Skin

I have battled oily, pimple-prone skin for as long as I can remember. I tried everything from harsh remedies I learnt about online, to using toothpaste, even generic pharmacy creams, and scrubs/exfoliators. This past year has been the best year my skin has ever seen. A simple, cheap soap-bar that is based on Dead Sea Minerals. Oh, and the patches of dry skin that would appear frequently in the winter and summer months? I don’t remember what that’s like due to simple olive oil that I apply to dry spots when the need arises.

Since I hurdled into the angst-filled teenager years my skin has been a source of stress. I am blessed with greasy skin; the kind that pimples love to appear on and the kind that conveniently turns dry in the summer and winter months. For years I have tried remedies- from expensive all-natural routines to generic pharmacy products. This past year has been the best year my skin has ever seen and I can honestly say that it is down to: olive oil. Yes, really. Truthfully, I also use a cheap, simple soap-bar that contains Dead Sea minerals on a daily basis but the olive oil has somehow balanced my skin in a way that nothing else ever has. I decided I had to look more into the known benefits of that wonderful oil.

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Olive Ranch Olive Oil

Firstly, you should know that olive oil should be rubbed into slightly damp skin because the water remnants help prevent your skin from feeling greasy. I personally don’t apply olive oil too liberally- I take a small amount in my hand and rub into the places that are potential dry-spots. Apparently the olive oil manages to penetrate the skin wonderfully and as well as moisturizing the skin, it acts to protect your skin.

The vitamins A and E that are present in the oil also help the skin repair itself from sun exposure, cigarette smoke and polluting substances. I am also wary of putting olive oil on my face before going out because- well, oil fries and that’s probably not what you want to be doing to your face! I tend to apply it when I’m at home in the day or in the evenings.

Olive Oil in a Natural Exfoliant

A natural exfoliant is a mix of sea salt and olive oil. This is especially good for those suffering from dry skin. Massage the mixture into the problematic areas and you will see how it gets rid of horrible scaliness and allows the younger skin underneath to radiate.

Keeping your Face Elastic with Olive Oil

Apparently, olive oil helps promote the elasticity of the face too.for all those wanting to hold onto a youthful appearance- olive oil is the way to go!

The Multi-Functionality of Olive Oil!

By the way, apart from applying olive oil externally, you can also consume olive oil in order to benefit from its advantages. Obviously for specific problem areas you’ll want to treat them directly in an external manner- I use olive oil not only on my face but also on my legs, in my hair and really everywhere and anywhere! Oh- and a little-known tip- olive oil also works great as a make-up remover- as well as removing the make-up it will soften the skin around your eyes, promoting a youthful complexion.

In short, please steer clear from commercial, chemically-laden products for your skin! Mother Nature provided us with everything we need and quite often the solution to our health and cosmetic problems are right under our noses, or in this case, in our kitchen cabinet!

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  • Norin

    will olive oil improve complextion

    • thehealthadvocate

      I can’t confirm this for myself as I don’t use olive oil on my skin, only in my salads :P Although based on the above article written by ‘Uriel’… and other reports and testimonies I have read on the internet, I would say: YES!