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Kettlebells for Elderly Clients

February 7, 2018

Kettlebells for Elderly Clients

It may seem like a paradox about the elderly lifting heavy kettlebells but if truth be told, kettlebell workouts are one of the best things the elderly can do in order to improve their strength; mobility and flexibility.

With age, the muscles lose their firmness and stamina and your joints become stiff and fragile. So even if it’s more challenging for your elderly clients to lift kettlebells, you must still advise them to do so as the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

Kettlebell swing

In fact, training geriatric clients for kettlebell workouts is a part of kettlebell courses which teach you all about how to help the elderly maintain a healthy and fit life.

However, do remember that especially for geriatric clients, you must always insist on checking fit certifications from their doctors. This will help you to decide the right weight they can lift safely, just how far you can go with the training and what to avoid so as not to cause injury to your elderly clients. Be sure to check out Kettlebell Courses – to get started!

Why Offer Kettlebell Training to Elderly Clients

Kettlebell courses online teach you that as the body becomes weak with age, different ailments force the elderly to restrict their lifestyle and stay confined to their homes. This sedentary lifestyle further exacerbates several conditions that can make life very painful for them.

Kettlebell workouts, when done under a certified instructor trained to handle geriatric clients, can offer several benefits and once again make life worth living for the elderly. Also visit the Kettlebell Courses – Facebook.

Kettlebell Training can help alleviate Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments plaguing the aged. With increasing age, bone density decreases making the bones fragile and prone to injury. Kettlebell workouts are total body movements which means every exercise targets almost the entire skeletal structure making it stronger with each session.

Kettlebell Training can lessen Low Back Pain

Low back pain is another huge bother for most elderly people. Kettlebell workouts are structured in such a way that the movement is chiefly from the thrust of the hips rather than the back muscles. This takes the strain off the back, keeps it protected from being over-stressed and also helps the elderly bend easily without hurting their back.

Kettlebell Training helps Improve Mobility

Restricted mobility is really a curse for your elderly clients. Even if they are otherwise fit, they are scared to move around too much because of stiff joints and ligaments. Kettlebell certifications teach you several workouts structured especially for the elderly that improves mobility and flexibility.

Kettlebell workouts are chiefly swinging motions across different planes which force the body to move in different directions. When done regularly, such type of multidimensional workouts strengthen the joints and ligaments while improving flexibility.

Improved Muscle Mass

Dystrophy or muscle degeneration is another condition which the elderly suffer from. Not only do the muscles lose their firmness, they become weak which forces many elderly people to depend on outside help for basic daily chores.

Kettlebell workouts involve all the muscles of the entire body thus firming them, toning them and improving their strength and stamina. With regular kettlebell training, your elderly clients are sure to see a positive improvement in their life.

Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises You Must Do

September 11, 2017

Kettlebells aren’t new in the Dubai fitness industry, yet their popularity remains as high as ever. This is because when utilized correctly, kettlebell training is an extremely effective method for toning your body; losing fat and enhancing your overall strength.

There are several ways you can use kettlebells during your workout sessions; however there are a few basic workouts that are fundamental to this training.

Before working out with this versatile piece of equipment, alwsys be sure to enrol in a Dubai kettlebell certification so you know exactly how to use them properly.

Try out these top five kettlebell exercises for a killer workout session each time.

Kettlebell Swing

To do the swing as part of your kettlebell training, stand with feet hip-width distance and the kettlebell placed midway on the ground between your feet. Squat and grip the kettlebells with both palms facing inward. Stand up while gripping the kettlebell. Engage core, squeeze shoulders, keep arms loose and transfer your weight to the heels.

In an explosive motion, swing the kettlebell upward till chest height. Keep arms extended, squeeze your glutes and keep the core contracted. Let the kettlebell descend and move backwards between the legs. This completes one movement.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

To begin, stand holding a kettlebell by its horns close to the chest. Squat till the hamstrings are above your calf muscles. Keep chest high and maintain a neutral spine. Pause for a few seconds and use elbows to push both knees outwards. Return to standing position and repeat.

Kettlebell Turkish Get-up

This is a slow motion kettlebell training workout that gives you strong shoulders, improved trunk and hip strength and increased mobility. To begin, lie on your back and lift the kettlebell with one arm till it reaches above your shoulder. Keep wrist and arm straight and let the kettlebell rest on the back of your forearm. Extend the opposite arm till it is at 45 degree angle with the body and bend the leg that is on the side of the raised arm holding the kettlebell.

With the foot firmly on the floor, hold the kettlebell tight and rise up to a sitting position. Lift the straight leg till you are in a half kneeling position. Push against the front heel and gradually stand up. Steady yourself and do the movements backward till you are once again lying on the ground.

Kettlebell Overhead Press

This is one of the most effective kettlebell training workouts you can do to tone and strengthen your shoulders. To begin, lift the kettleball above the shoulder after swinging it through your legs. With the arm raised, rotate the wrist while holding on to the horn of the kettlebell till your palm faces inward. While staring at the kettlebell, press it outward to maintain a locked position. Lower kettlebell to shoulder height and repeat. You can find video tutorials to follow along while you’re working out at

Kettlebell Clean

This is another explosive, total body workout that is an ideal combination of conditioning and strength training. Begin by placing the kettlebell between the feet. Bend down and grab the equipment while pushing the butt back outward. Eyes should be looking forward. Lift the kettlebell through your legs and hips till it is at shoulder height. Rotate wrist through the movement. Lower the kettlebell and repeat.

If you would like to become a Worldwide kettlebell certified personal trainer, enrol in the only personal trainer courses Dubai certification that offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Bootcamp Programme

October 23, 2014

If you have recently decided to lose your excess weight or get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle, you have to follow certain tips too. Joining a gym, going for a jog, joining an aerobics class or any of these could be great ways to lose weight and get a fitter and toned body. If you decide to join a bootcamp, you have to ensure that you gain the most benefits out of the program.

While the bootcamp trainer will train you well and ensure you follow the stringent routine laid down by the camp, the onus is on you also to ensure you achieve your goals soon. Here are some tips for making the most of your bootcamp programme,

Be Regular

If you have signed up for a particular programme, ensure that you land up going for it daily or as regularly as possible. Most people miss many of the scheduled workout days due to work commitments or social events.

While missing a day or two once in a way is fine, being irregular will affect your fitness goals. You won’t be able to gain the most out of your programme this way. It is only with regular and constant physical training that the body gets toned and burns fat.

With too many breaks in the middle, the muscles get loose again and your endeavour will be wasted. If there is a time slotted to the bootcamp workout, ensure nothing else gets in the way. Plan your day around it and try to fix your meetings and social events before or after it.


Eat Right

By working out vigorously but not eating right, you will end up losing weight but gaining it right back again. It is important to balance your meals to maintain your overall health and to achieve your fitness goals. Eating right essentially means you need to avoid unnecessary calories while also getting in the required amount of minerals and vitamins.

A lack of vitamin intake can lead to health problems and too many imbalanced meals can lead to weight gain. Speak to a dietician so you get a good diet chart in place before you begin your workouts. Your bootcamp trainer will also be able to tell you how to plan your meals while you are trying to lose weight or get fit.


Ensure that you hydrate with the right kind of liquids. Fruit juices, water, health supplements and the sorts will help you replenish the salts you lost during your workout while also ensuring you get your required mineral and vitamin intake.

Drinks like coconut water and some vegetable juices are also proven to help. Speak to your bootcamp trainer so he can guide you as to what to hydrate with. Avoid alcoholic drinks and related vices when trying to lose weight because they can lead to weight gain and affect your metabolism.

Signs Your Diet is Affecting your Fitness and Health

October 3, 2014

Many a times, people suffer from common ailments due to the wrong diet or fitness schedule. You can also blame your lifestyle in certain cases. The wrong exercise regime can leave you more tired and drained while the wrong diet can make you ill or affect your health in the long run. In fact, a good diet and good exercise regime go hand in hand in maintaining overall health. Without one, the other will be affected. Here are the signs you can look out for to see whether your diet is negatively affecting your health,

You Can Barely Make it Through the Day

Do you feel drained and tired? Does your exercise regime not energize you? A good exercise regime should actually make you feel refreshed while a good diet will help you stay healthy. If you find that you are barely being able to get through the day, you should talk to your doctor or personal training in Coogee. In some cases, your diet could be to blame though other aspects like your lifestyle or an illness could be the problem too. A diet high in calories will make you more tired and no amount of exercise will benefit you. However, if the cause is due to something else, ensure you find the cause and nip the problem before it gets too serious.

You Feel Unhealthy

You will be surprised at how a good diet can make you feel healthy on the whole. In fact, an imbalance or wrong diet can actually make you feel sick even if you are not. For instance, you may suffer from general problems like nausea, weakness, depression and more besides fatigue when your diet is wrong or affecting your health. This is turn will affect your day to day life too. A healthy person is one who can wake up with a spring in his step each day. If you seem to be struggling all the time, maybe you should speak to a doctor or personal training in Coogee.

personal training in Coogee

You Crave Certain Foods

When your body is not getting enough of something it will start craving it. Once in a way this is acceptable but when it becomes a habit or part of your routine to crave certain foods it means your diet is faulty. Speak to the personal training in Coogee if you realize that you get up at odd hours to eat something your body is craving at that moment. It is common for people who follow low sugar diets to suddenly crave sugar at some point. If it happens too often, it’s a sign your body is in need of more sugar.

You Keep Falling Ill

If you keep falling ill or suffering from very basic ailments, you need to improve your immunity through a balanced diet. Speak to your personal training in Coogee. Without a good diet, you won’t be able to build your resistance or follow a good exercise routine. Besides, illness sets you back and affects other areas of your life too.